Zhuang Hand-Embroidered Balls (Xiuqiu)

Christmas series: red

Zhuang Hand-Embroidered Balls (xiuqiu) Traditionally used in courting games, these beautiful balls were a means for a Zhuang girl to show off her sewing skills. During the games, a girl would throw a ball to the man of her choice, and if he reciprocated her interest, he would tie a gift to the ball and throw it back. Individual panels are first drawn on stiffened silk, and then hand-embroidered with a traditional motif, usually a flower or bird. The panels are then stitched together to form the ball, and beads and ribbons are added to finish it. These colorful balls were hand-stitched by Zhuang women in Jingxi County, Guangxi Province.

Christmas ornament series
Christmas colors - perfect for your Christmas tree.
Diameter: approx. 4.5cm
Colors: Red, Green, Gold, White

Love series

Gift box of 3

Gift box of 2

‘Love’ series
Embroidered with the Chinese character ‘爱’ (love). An attractive gift for a loved one.
Diameter: approx. 4.5cm
Colors: Pink, Purple, Dark blue, Light blue, Yellow, Multi-colored.

Minimum order: 5 balls.
Cost per ball: USD$2 (Excludes shipping. See below for estimated shipping charges.)
We may be able to offer a discount for larger orders.

Gift boxes
You may also wish to order gift boxes which hold either 2 or 3 balls each.
Cost of each box: USD$0.50

Estimated shipping charges
You may choose to ship by either surface or air mail. The estimates below are to give an idea of what the shipping costs might be. Shipping costs will be determined at time of packing.

Estimated cost for shipping 6 balls to the USA:
Surface mail – USD$11 (in gift boxes); USD$7 (without gift boxes)
Air mail – USD$20 (in gift boxes); USD$10(without gift boxes)

Estimated cost for shipping 24 balls to the USA:
Surface mail – USD$18 (in gift boxes); USD$12 (without gift boxes)
Air mail – USD$26 (in gift boxes); USD$22 (without gift boxes)

To order
Please email to place your order, providing the following details:
- Christmas/Love series
- Number of balls
- Color preferences (Note: not all colors may be available)
- Size and number of gift boxes (if desired)
- Surface/Air mail

A payment request will be sent through Paypal to your email address after the order is confirmed.

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